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I-Bike-FWName: Mark Troxler, BFFW Board Member
Age: 32
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Lived in Fort Worth: since 2001
Occupation: Maintenance Tech with Fort Worth Bike Sharing

Tell us about one of the bikes you own and what kind of cycling you usually do.

I currently own three bicycles. A mountain bike that I use in winter weather, a single-speed All City for around the neighborhood, and a touring bike for commuting, grocery shopping and, of course, touring!

What’s one of your favorite areas to cycle in Fort Worth?

My favorite area is anywhere I see other cyclists out on the roads. The Stockyards are my favorite part of the Trinity Trails. I love flying down “zoo hill” and University hill and the satisfying feeling of powering up them too.

How do you feel you can contribute most to BFFW?

I cycle in FW almost every single day of the year and everywhere I go I see and meet a lot of people. I can be a positive influence for other cyclists and help chat with people that don’t understand cycling can be more than a recreational or fun weekend activity.

Where would you like to see BFFW in ten years?

I’d love to see BFFW have multiple full time staff members working towards making FW a world class cycling city.

Do you have family or friends that cycle?

Lots of my friends ride for work, fun, and exercise. My niece is learning how to ride up in Pennsylvania. My sister and father usually go for rides around the hood when I go back to visit.

What’s one thing you would you like to share with your fellow cyclists?

I’d like to remind folks that they have every right to be out on the road on their bicycles. We need to ride with confidence and predictability. When you ride, respect other road users and pedestrians and (usually) you’ll get respect in return.

What’s one thing you would like to share with your fellow motorists?

Remember that no one is in such a rush that they should endanger another road user, pedestrian or cyclist.

Tell us a funny/awkward/mistake story about yourself and cycling.

I actually have two stories! I once walked home over 6 miles because I wasn’t prepared with a spare tube or patch kit. Lesson learned.

When out on a long ride on a hot day I went to take a lunch break in the shade of picnic pavilion inside of a dirt racetrack and as I was cycling towards the pavilion my wheels started sinking into the mud. I couldn’t pedal anymore so I got off my bike and started walking not realizing that I should have turned around because the mud got deeper and messier. I ended up dragging my bicycle through the mud because there was so much mud stuck in my fenders the wheels wouldn’t turn! By the time I finally made it to the picnic tables I had to chug a Gatorade and take a nap because I was so tired. I should have turned around and found another lunch spot.

Tell us about a proud moment or achievement in cycling for yourself.

I used the bicycle as a tool to quit smoking. I was a pack a day smoker and I really wanted to quit so I decided to replace a bad habit with a good one. Any time I wanted to light up I’d go out for a bike ride until I was breathing so hard and so tired I didn’t want a smoke. It worked. I haven’t had one cig since I bought that bicycle over 5 years ago. I also did a solo self-contained bike tour 3,700 miles across America. I had the opportunity see what cycling is like in many different cities, met lots of great people, and ate whatever food I wanted.

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