Photo credit: Brian Carroll

I-Bike-FWName: Kyle Blake, BFFW Board Member
Age: 37
Hometown: Houston, TX
Lived in Fort Worth: 3 years
Occupation: Youth and Family Minister at St. Paul Lutheran Church

Tell us about one of the bikes you own and what kind of cycling you usually do.

My family owns a fat tire Yuba Mundo (It’s a HUGE cargo bike). I would classify myself as an urban cyclist who dabbles in both road and mountain biking.

What’s one of your favorite areas to cycle in Fort Worth?

Honestly, there isn’t really an area of Fort Worth I don’t like cycling in.

How do you feel you can contribute most to BFFW?

I’m not afraid of public speaking, whether ten people or ten-thousand people. I also have never met a stranger and enjoy meeting new people and seeing how we can work together.

Where would you like to see BFFW in ten years?

I envision BFFW continuing to grow, and become, the most transformational nonprofit in the areas of cycling advocacy and education in the city of Fort Worth. This includes being on the forefront of advocating for new, and maintaining existing, bicycle infrastructure that connects all areas of our great city. It also means that BFFW will continue to develop programs and opportunities to educate current, and future, cyclists and motorists in order to create the safest streets for all road users.

Do you have family or friends that cycle?

Yes, most of my friends, and my whole family, rides bicycles.

What’s one thing you would you like to share with your fellow cyclists?

Make sure you are as visible as possible when you ride: have lights on at night (and sometimes during the day), ride in the center of the lane, stay off the sidewalks, and follow the rules of the road.

What’s one thing you would like to share with your fellow motorists?

I’m not just some guy on a bicycle. I’m someone’s son, husband, father, and friend.

Tell us a funny/awkward/mistake story about yourself and cycling.

I was clipped into my pedals while riding around the city. I stopped at a stoplight, unclipped my right foot, and leaned left. I am sure you can guess what happened next.

Tell us about a proud moment or achievement in cycling for yourself.

I’ve ridden in 24 hours mountain bike races and long distance rides, but I’m proudest of the fact that I’m a part of an organization that is seeking to bring cyclists together and better the cycling environment of Fort Worth.

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