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I-Bike-FWName: Josh Lindsay, BFFW Board Member
Age: 46
Hometown: College Station, TX
Lived in Fort Worth: 12 years
Occupation: House Dad/Real Estate Mogul

Tell us about one of the bikes you own and what kind of cycling you usually do.

I ride for pleasure and basic transportation. 90% of my riding is just around town, but every now and then I get out and do a long distance or overnight camping ride. One of my bikes is a 1984 Mongoose ATB. A lovely all chrome early mountain bike. Makes a great single speed town bike.

What’s one of your favorite areas to cycle in Fort Worth?

Downtown, NearSouth

How do you feel you can contribute most to BFFW?

Through their programs aimed at youth education.

Where would you like to see BFFW in ten years?

A successful and independent non-profit that is recognized as improving cycling conditions and awareness in Fort Worth and regionally.

Do you have family or friends that cycle?

Yes, wife and two daughters.

What’s one thing you would you like to share with your fellow cyclists?

Cyclists are in a fortunate position. In order to advocate for change, all we have to do as a group is get on the streets and ride as the law already allows us to do. Simply get out, ride for pleasure, follow the rules of the road and you are instantly an Activist for Bicycle Revolution. More riders on the road doing this will result in more awareness, respect, and infrastructure.

What’s one thing you would like to share with your fellow motorists?

Everyone is safer when we share and use the road together.

Tell us a funny/awkward/mistake story about yourself and cycling.

Just this month I was able to cycle in uniform (including a kilt) with a large snare drum attached to my rack to attend a performance with the Fort Worth Scottish Pipes and Drums for a local arts fair. It looked funny, but it was a nice hybrid of interests and community events.

Tell us about a proud moment or achievement in cycling for yourself.

I have cycled in France, Denmark, Holland, and Turkey. Cycling by bike across a strange country is the most rewarding and pleasant way to travel I have ever experienced.

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