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I-Bike-FWName: Brad Wilson, BFFW Board Member
Age: 32
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
Lived in Fort Worth: 22 years
Occupation: Prime BEEF (Base Engineer Emergency Forces)
 Manager for an Air National Guard Civil Engineer squadron

Tell us about one of the bikes you own and what kind of cycling you usually do.

I get the most miles out of my Trek 7.2 commuter. It’s easy and simple to ride. I ride socially, I commute to work, and I’ll pound out the miles on my Specialized Secteur on my off days.

What’s one of your favorite areas to cycle in Fort Worth?

The Trinity Trails are my favorite to bike in FW. It’s off the road, safe, and natural. Night rides in the city are also surprisingly relaxing.

How do you feel you can contribute most to BFFW?

Strategic planning and organizational management.

Where would you like to see BFFW in ten years?

I would like to see us as the most friendly and sought after advocacy and education group in the city and in Texas.

Do you have family or friends that cycle?

My wife and I cycle frequently through the city. Lots of friends and a few coworkers that cycle.

What’s one thing you would you like to share with your fellow cyclists?

That it’s not as intimidating as you might think. I was wary of riding my bike on the road, but your confidence will improve with experience. So just get out there and do it!

What’s one thing you would like to share with your fellow motorists?

That we are all on the road together. We have no reason to be adversaries. Smiles and waves go a long way!

Tell us a funny/awkward/mistake story about yourself and cycling.

I once ran into a fence, and once into a rose bush (these were two separate incidents).

The first time I bought clips for my pedals, I had to ride back home from the bike shop in Washington, DC. As I rode down the street awkwardly, a truck cut me off and then slammed on their brakes at a red light. I wasn’t accustomed to unclipping as of yet, and as I rapidly slowed down, I found myself still one with the bike. I looked to my right and saw pavement, but to my left was a soft Honda Civic. The driver of the Honda was pleasantly surprised when he saw me land on the side of his car. I unclipped, waved apologetically, and remained unharmed, though I’m sure the driver was more shaken than I was.

Tell us about a proud moment or achievement in cycling for yourself.

One: Riding all the way up Taylor St Hill without stopping for the first time was rather satisfying. Two: Cycling 150 miles over two days during the MS150. Three: Organizing and leading night time monuments bike tours in Washington DC last summer (2013).

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